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Expand your home with quality home extensions. 
Hargood Renovations & Extensions: enjoy the home you have.

Home extensions are popular in Northland – we have growing families, we have new lifestyle requirements, we expand to add another bathroom, a garage, new bedrooms and new living spaces. With New Zealand’s generously apportioned sections, there are often many options for expanding our homes.

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Our team is often called in to consult on a proposed expansion, to manage the expansion process, and even to help families understand what is possible with their existing floor plan and house structure. We can manage everything from the design work through to the preparation and building: and you can rest assured, if it’s built by Hargood, it’s built to last. As your family changes, your living space does too. Hargood Renovations & Extensions can help you get the most from your space, with practical, affordable home extensions designed to meet your living needs.

Planning an ensuite, building a garage or adding a bedroom? Speak to us first!

If you’re thinking of adding a new room to your home – from an ensuite or a new structure through to an extra bedroom, it pays to speak with a qualified builder first. Knowing what your options are before you commit to any home extension project is essential; finding out that the wall you have started to remove is actually load-bearing happens more often than you might expect! Of course, there are a number of steps involved in assessing the suitability of a renovation project prior to commencing work – and our team can manage the entire process for you.

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From the design work and consent process through to assessing the structural integrity of your home, locating and marking any cables and pipes surrounding the worksite and ensuring all work remains code compliant: everything we do, we do right.

Beautiful extensions to match your home.

Is there anything worse than an extension that looks ‘tacked on’? We don’t think so. While a well-planned, well-built, thoughtfully designed extension will certainly add value to your home, the opposite is true of disastrous rush jobs. We take the time to match your extension to your existing home, making sure the materials used are in alignment with your external cladding and internal walls, and keeping your home’s profile as tasteful as possible. We discuss your extension needs, and work with you to create a beautiful solution that any owner would be proud to live in. Add value to your home with a quality home extension by Hargood Renovations & Extensions.