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Breathe new life back into your home with quality renovations – whether you’ve just bought, and are looking to add your own touch or just to make the place liveable, or whether you have an older home in need of some updating, Hargood Renovations & Extensions have the experience, the expertise, and the passion to renovate your home. As a family owned and operated business, we take great pride in our down-to-earth approach and our long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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We know how easy it can be to run over budget when it comes to renovating your home, whether you're working on the kitchen, bathroom, or living areas, and we also know how devastating the consequences are when that happens. Our team are here to ensure you are given straight-up advice, professional design work, realistic estimates and quality results! Discover the potential in your home with our home renovation services.

Northland renovation specialists: no fuss, less cost. One of the biggest questions with any renovation project is always ‘will the results justify the cost?’. We know – we’ve been there ourselves! Choosing the right building partner for your renovation project can be the difference between a successful improvement to your living space, and a half-completed reno disaster.

We approach each renovation project independently, assessing the work to be done, the costs involved, and the outcome to be achieved. We’ll tell you directly if we feel that there’s a better way to achieve your desired result, and we’ll keep you informed throughout the renovation process of costs and completion times. We promise to deliver quality results at the best price possible for the job: no shortcuts, no inflated project costs, just our hardworking team getting your job done! Villa renovations and house improvements.

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Many homes in Northland have unique renovation needs – we have historical villas, kauri farmsteads, stunning native wood flooring and original cornices: many of our local homes deserve expert care when it comes to renovating.

Hargood Renovations & Extensions approach all of our renovation projects with as much respect for the character of your home as possible; improving your house without destroying the features which make it so special. Our focus is on sympathetic renovation and improvements, resulting in a better flow for your living spaces and a more attractive home environment. Whether fixing a problem, or just giving your bathroom, kitchen or living area a facelift, we can apply our expertise to your project.

Commercial Renovations – enjoy your workspace!

Renovating your commercial building to create a more modern or fit-for-purpose workspace is easy to do: if you know what to look for! Our team at Hargood Renovations & Extensions are skilled at creating functional, stylish workspaces and commercial areas that will fit your business purposes perfectly. Contact us for a consultation, and transform your commercial, industrial or business workspace.